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…becoming fully devoted followers of Christ…

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  • Discover what it means to belong in community with God and the HOPE Church family. Discover is a fast-paced introduction to the HOPE Church family. You’ll hear from Pastor Paul and other staff about HOPE’s beliefs, purpose, strategy, ministries and future. It’s also a great chance to meet new friends! And at the end of the class, you can become a member of the HOPE community. For the membership application click here (PLEASE FILL THIS OUT AFTER YOU ATTEND THE DISCOVER CLASS). 


  • Develop your faith by engaging the practices of devotions, worship, relationships, giving, serving, and evangelism. Growing to become more like Jesus doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process that lasts a lifetime; reforming how we think, talk and act. Whether you’re new to the Bible or want to gain a fresh perspective, Develop will help you grow as a Christian. Take that next step and be transformed along the way!


  • Deploy your HOPES (Heart, Omniabilities, Personality, Experiences, Spiritual Gifts) and “find your fit” for serving. Have you ever had a feeling that you were meant for something more? The truth is that God created you with special gifts and unique passions. Ministry is for everyone who has a relationship with Christ. In Deploy, you’ll learn how God can use your HOPES to grow the church and bless people in our lives.

Class Dates – Please check back for the new class dates.

HOPEworship-logo-sq02 Discover: Tuesday, January 16

HOPEgroups-logo-sq02Develop: TBD

HOPEserves-logo-sq02Deploy: TBD

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* Registration and a $5 per person fee is due one week prior. Dinner is served at 6PM.

For the membership application click here. (PLEASE FILL OUT AFTER YOU ATTEND THE DISCOVER CLASS)