Mission Month

Starts: February 10 @ 10:30am

Ends: March 10 @ 7:00pm

mission_monthLast week our theme was Sharing. Students wrote 215 letters sharing their story & encouraging student at Fiche Mekane Yesus Church to grow in Jesus. Each child will now get a letter upon our arrival next week. Great job kids & thank you! This Sunday our theme is Prayer. The team will be commissioned to serve.

Salvation Bracelets and learn how to share the Good News story (see photo below). The bracelets will be available at Grounds for Missions coffee bar and the Mission Month kiosk. For any donation amount you get 2 for 1 (keep one and the other goes to one of 250 Compassion kids). This helps support our team and it serves as a prayer reminder for us at HOPE while our team is in Ethiopia.

Mission Month is here. This Mission Mentoring opportunity is with HOPEkidz/HOPEyouth and will engage HOPE Church as our Mission Team prepares serve in Ethiopia March 11-20. Activities & lessons align with the Themes for each week. These include:
Compassion (Matthew 9:36) - Feb 10
Giving (Acts 2:44) - Feb 17
Serving (Ephesians 4:10) - Feb 24
Sharing (1 Peter 3:15) - Mar 3
Prayer (Ephesians 6:18) - Mar 10

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