THE BIBLE 3.3.13

Starts: March 03 @ 7:30pm

You are invited!!

HOPE Church is showing THE BIBLE SERIES

Sunday evenings at 7:30-9:30 (approx.) For those who would like to participate Pastor Paul will do reaction and Question and Answer time. The series begins this Sunday, March 3rd .

For more information about the series: http://www.bibleseries.tv/

A note from Pastor Paul:

I am anticipating this event for individuals and the families of our community. I strongly encourage all of us HOPE people to watch this event. This is one of those opportunities for you to invite friends and family to view with you. It will open up conversation.

You may want to consider DVR’ing and hosting friends during the week, attending the HOPE Church event, watching as a family. What I am fairly sure of is that this will be a topic of conversation at work and in the community. The Bible Series will be a great opportunity to share your faith and your trust in the Scriptures and/or to be honest about struggles. Enter into the conversation.

Pastor Paul