Here you will find the sermon notes for our Sunday messages

The HeART of Marriage — Restoring the HeART of Marriage (March 4, 2018)

6 Endangered Character Qualities — Suffering

6 Endangered Character Qualities  Thankfulness

6 Endangered Character Qualities — Discipline

6 Endangered Character Qualities — Contentment

6 Endangered Character Qualities — Courage

Simply Christmas — Shepherds in the Field

Simply Christmas — An Angel in the Sky

Simply Christmas — A Virgin With Child

Rooted — Deeper through Suffering

Rooted — The Power of Church on a Mission




Impossible – Share – Living the Witness Life

Impossible – Prayer – Living the Witness Life

Embrace the Chaos – Daniel

Embrace the Chaos – Joseph

Embrace the Chaos – Josiah

Embrace the Chaos – Hagar

Embrace the Chaos – Hosea

Embrace the Chaos – Jonah

Embrace the Chaos – Job

Embrace the Chaos – The Story of Noah

Embrace the Chaos – First Family

Embrace the Chaos – From Chaos to Beauty

Now What – Live Gifted for the Church

Now What – Live on Purpose

Now What – Live as Fiend of Christ

Now What – Forgiveness

Now What – Live as a Child

Now What – Tell Everyone

Now What – Love Everyone

Why Wait

Making Love Real: Divorce proof your marriage

Making Love Real: It’s more than a piece of paper

Rise Above: No Longer Ineffective and Unproductive

Rise Above: Self Control & Perseverance

Rise Above: Knowledge & Goodness

A Christmas Choice

Descent: Learning to Christmas Together

Descent: Enough is Enough

Descent: What a Mess We’re in

Real or Ridiculous: Lost in Translation

Real or Ridiculous: Isn’t the Bible Outdated?

Real or Ridiculous: Bible or Science?

Real or Ridiculous: Can We Trust the Bible?

Blessed to Bless

Let’s Get Behind Him: I Will Follow

Let’s Get Behind Him: When Followers Obey Jesus

Let’s Get Behind Him: Mark 11

Let’s Get Behind Him: Mark 10

Let’s Get Behind Him: Follow Him Down

Let’s Get Behind Him: Who is it You’re Behind

Let’s Get Behind Him: Mark 6

Let’s Get Behind Him: Mark 5

Let’s Get Behind Him: When It Feels Like You’re In a Storm

Let’s Get Behind Him: Parables


Let’s Get Behind Him: How Do You Follow?

A Heart to Get Behind Him

Let’s Get Behind Him: Missing the Point

Let’s Get Behind Him: Leading From the Quiet Place

Let’s Get Behind Him: A Life Worth Noticing

Let’s Get Behind Him: The Art of Walking Behind part 2

Let’s Get Behind Him: The Art of Walking Behind part 1

Let’s Get Behind Him