Use the Talk Points below for your HOPEgroup discussTalk Points 4.13.14

Below is a working document of suggested resources either free, at HOPE or suggested for individual purchase:


Click HERE for the small groups available during the 50 Days of Unleashing Hope campaign!


 1) Decide

It’s a self-selection process. Start by looking over the list. What kind of group are you looking for at this season in life? Do you want to study a particular topic? Need a certain day of the week? A certain time of day? Find a few groups that look like good fits. And we’re always here to help if you have questions!

2) Contact

Contact the leader. It’s as easy as that! Just shoot them an email or give ‘em a call! Ask them questions to find out if their small group is the right fit for you. They won’t be offended if you discover another group is a better fit. We promise!

3) Commit

When you find a group … Join them! Yep, that’s it! Just join them, and if after the first meeting the group doesn’t seem like the right fit, try a different one.

If your right fit wasn’t on the list, check back again. We update and add groups regularly. You can always contact us too. That’s what we’re here for! Call the HOPE office 772-1884 or email groups@gfhope.org with any questions.