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Mission & Vision

MISSION: Encouraging students to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; who let God LOVE them, who LOVE Him in return, and who LOVE others in Jesus’ name.

VISION: Our vision is that every student (grades6-12) in the Grand Cities area would hear about the hope & love of Jesus on a weekly basis.

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Sr. High HOPEyouth (grades 9-12)

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Letter to the Parents…

Hey Parents:

BIG NEWS as we start this new year of HOPEyouth Sunday mornings.  We are excited to tell you that our format and curriculum have changed.  Starting this year we are going to be breaking up into three groups.  HOPEyouth has the privilege to work with students in grades 6 through students in grade 12 and on Sunday mornings we will have 3 classes that will be broken into this groups: 6th, 7th & 8th, and a high school group (9-12).  It is our hope that in doing this we are helping your students grow and learn in an environment that can be tailored to each of their developmental ages.  So, with this move to break up the grades a bit, we have chosen to use a new curriculum called It is a curriculum that will start in 6th grade and build foundations for the years up until they graduate.

So here are the classes for each group for the next 6 weeks:

Preteen (6th)This unit uses the first two chapters of Genesis to help students discover the start of God’s story. As they work through each lesson, they will start to see that God’s original intent for creation and people was whole and good. Preteens will discover that God has set up some practices for our lives that help us to know him better, find rest, and worship him as Creator as they journey through the practices of Sabbath and worship.

Middle School (7-8)This unit helps students examine some of the foundational scriptures and themes found throughout the gospels. Students will be challenged to build the foundations of their lives upon the God of the Bible, learn to stay connected to Christ, and be encouraged to live out God’s mission in the world. This unit also examines how Jesus taught the disciples to pray. Students will take a closer look at the Lord’s Prayer, observe Jesus praying in the garden and be challenged to surrender to God’s will.

High School (9-12)This unit will plunge students into the life of the early church as recorded in the first three chapters of the book of Acts. Students want to be part of the action. By exploring the life of the early church, the imaginations of students will be ignited as they consider together the mission God has assigned to them. In paying close attention to the birth and mission of the early church, students will glimpse the holistic nature of the six dimensions of a missional life.

Each of these classes will be held out at the ROCK at 10:30am.  We encourage you to attend the 9am service as a family, then use the 10:30 time for learning for the whole family.  As Pastor Paul has mentioned in the latest E-Gram, we are hoping that you worship together as a family, and that your students will be present with you to hear this new series called “Dare We”.


JJ Johnson
Youth Director