Ethiopia Partnership

Our sister church, Fiche Mekane Yesus Church (FMYC), is located in Fiche, Ethiopia. Compassion International helped initiate our contact with our sister church. IMG_0033

We are in a long-term relationship with Fiche and learning from one another how to grow the Kingdom of God together. While we have engaged in funding Washroom and Water Well Projects we have also sent mission teams to encourage our friends. The next team will be traveling March 11-20, 2013. Consider joining us on a future mission trip to Fiche but until then consider sponsoring a child in Fitche here.

Well ProjectWays You Can Support Our Ethiopian Partnership

Pray – for Fiche Mekane Yesus Church leaders (Rev. Ademe and Chairman Wondu, particularly), the Compassion Project Staff (Birhanu, Alemeyu, and Mekdes) and of course the 250 Compassion children that attend school here at FMYC.

Serve – join a future mission team or collect “Cans for Kids.” Think of places you can collect aluminum pop cans, bag them and drop them of for recycling at “The ROCK.” Funds go towards Ethiopian projects in which HOPE Church engages.

Give – support our “Grounds for Missions” coffee bar. Not only do we serve great drinks but we have t-shirts, mugs and water bottles for purchase. Proceeds supplement the cost of sending mission teams. Learn more about Grounds for Missions here.