Our first priority will always be to reach people who do not know Jesus, encouraging all to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; who let God love them, who love Him in return, and who love others in Jesus’ name. With our ever-expanding ministries and staffing, we will continue to pursue our strategy to REACHwide, TEACHdeep, and UNLEASHcompassion.

The Reimagine Campaign will have ministry impact as one of its main components. Here are a few of the ministry and staffing dreams that we have.

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College-Age and Young Adults Ministries Staff

  • UND has just over 13,000 students on campus.
  • Northland Community College has just over 5,000 students. Both of these campuses are within 5 miles of HOPE.
  • Nearly 25% of the population in the Greater Grand Forks area is between 18 and 24 years old.
  • We believe HOPE Church could consistently be serving 100-150 young adults. A dedicated staff person would guide us to that goal and beyond.
  • Currently with volunteer staff, we are serving approx. 25 students in our College Life Ministry.


Reimagine with us the impact of having energized, college-age and young adults in their twenties coming to faith, growing in their commitment to live under Christ’s lordship, and serving the church and community in Jesus’ name.


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Worship and Technology Staff 

  • Like the stained glass artisans of the past, the people who do lighting, images, sound, and electronics help create an environment of worship and learning. A staff person in this area would recruit, train and work with the 20 to 50 people who volunteer in our technology areas.
  • He/she would also be able to address the ongoing technology needs of our growing administrative areas.


Reimagine with us a person who can recruit, train, and encourage a group of people to not just throw switches and attach wires but to “do it all in the name of the Lord”, enhancing the work of others who use the technology arts for ministry.



Youth Ministries Assistants and Interns

We have a growing youth ministry, a wonderful youth pastor and team of leaders. However, our impact would be multiplied by training and equipping future leaders who will impact students in our community.

Middle School

  • Currently we have approx. 50 middle school students in our youth ministry.
  • Did you know that if we could reach the middle school youth whose families have attended HOPE in the last 3 years, we would be reaching over 150 children? Imagine the impact of discipling that number of middle school youth.
  • Through increased staff (assistants and interns) and volunteer leaders’ attention, we project that we could be working with 100 middle school youth in the next two years.


High School

  • In the fall of 2015 we have had approx. 30 high school students involved in our youth ministry.
  • Did you know that if we could reach just the high school students whose families have attended HOPE in the last 3 years, we would be extending ministry to over 150 students?
  • Imagine HOPE reaching and discipling that number of high school students. We believe that we could be regularly working with 100 senior high youth.


Reimagine with us the impact that would take place in our schools and families if there were 200-300 students from 6th grade to 12th grade regularly experiencing the love of Jesus and learning to intentionally follow Him.


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A Discipleship Teaching Pastor

(and/or a Director of the HOPE School of Spiritual Life and Leadership)

  • HOPE Church is reaching more and more people with very little biblical knowledge. Even among those who have grown up in a church environment there is a growing erosion of basic biblical truths and doctrines.
  • Did you know that only 45% of those who regularly attend church read the Bible at least once per week?
  • Did you know that 1 in 5 people say they never read the Bible during a given week?
  • In a culture that has an eroding understanding of God and His Word, there is a great need for the Church to intentionally equip people to follow Jesus and to know His word. We believe HOPE can be part of the strengthening of the Church for the future.
  • Imagine a regular influx of 150 to 200 adults attending regular classes and seminars in Biblical knowledge, servant leadership, spiritual gifts, and Christian living, deployed to serve our community!


Reimagine with us a creative and revitalized adult equipping and training ministry and a center for Spiritual Life and Leadership. It won’t be Sunday school as usual. We believe it could benefit the churches of the entire region. We will need a creative, committed team of people to help train and equip us to impact an increasingly indifferent or antagonistic culture.


Family Ministries Counselor and Trainer

  • HOPE prepares and serves nearly 20 couples a year for marriage counseling and we expect this to double in the next few years. A part-time, onsite counselor will assist with pre-marriage training, help develop 10 mentor couples to walk alongside the first year of marriage, and will be able to address the ongoing marriage difficulties for our congregation.
  • Currently we have over 100 people attending 9 different types of support groups (DivorceCare, GriefShare, Cancer Recovery, Pornography, Sexual Abuse, etc.). A staff counselor could offer deeper training for our volunteer staff and be available for individuals who need specialized care.


Reimagine with us the multiplied impact of a trained counselor who believed in the transformative power of Jesus Christ coming alongside people toward life-change!


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